Where is the clothing made?

Very proudly made in Australia! Until recently all Gwyllem clothing was made by me, Clare. Due to demand I simply haven't been able to keep up, so I've enlisted some happy, self-employed folks to help with the cutting and sewing. Both my cutter and machinist are based in Mullumbimby, NSW - a magic part of the world!

It's really important to me that the production of Gwyllem garments is as ethical as possible. This is why I choose small local makers rather than big overseas factories where I wouldn't know what goes on behind closed doors.


What kind of fabrics are used?

I endeavour to use natural and sustainable fabrics. The Gwyllem base fabric is certified organic cotton and colours are custom dyed. You'll find linen, silk and conventional cotton throughout the range as well.

Many of the fabrics I use are designer prints and end rolls that can't be re-ordered. I love this part of the process as it means new fabrics come in all the time, keeping things fresh and exciting.


Where do the fabrics come from?

My base knit fabric is made here in Australia, in one of the last remaining mills. The cotton is grown organically in India, using ethical practices. It is then sent to Australia as yarn, where it is knitted into very high-quality stretch fabric. (We don't currently grow organic cotton here). 

Fabrics I use for woven skirts and pants are bought here in Australia from Australian wholesalers. They are manufactured generally in China and India (sometimes Eastern Europe), as Australia doesn't produce woven fabrics anymore.

The Japanese prints I use are either milled and printed in Japan or milled in Korea or China and printed in Japan. These are purchased through Australian distributors. 

One-off fabrics are often bought from 'job-lotters' who sell designer end-rolls. This is a fantastic way to ensure perfectly good textiles don't end up as landfill. It also means that I get to offer unique fabrics!


What size should I order?

See here.


Where are you located and can I try stuff on in your studio?

Short answer: Woodburn, NSW and I'm sorry, no.

Long answer: I live on an out of the way “off the grid” bush community on the North Coast of NSW near Evan's Head. It's really important to me to preserve the quiet lifestyle that my partner and I have created. Plus it wouldn't do me any favours within my community if I had customers coming all the time. Please feel free to order a heap of stuff and return whatever doesn't fit. If cost is a concern please contact me to work out free return shipping.


What is VIP membership?

Become a Gwyllem VIP member and enjoy being the first to know about new styles and exclusive sales. Once subscribed you'll receive a 10% discount code via email. Be sure to use this code each time you order. Sign up here.


What payment methods are accepted?

Two options are available.

  1. 1. PayPal  
    A PayPal account is not needed. It's simple to use and doesn't cost you anything extra. You will be directed to PayPal's website to enter your credit card details.

  2. 2. Bank Deposit
    Select this method and instructions for how to complete the transaction will be displayed. An email will also be sent with instructions. 

Are my personal details safe?

Yes. Gwyllem's website is hosted with Shopify which is Level 1 PCI compliant and uses 128 bit SSL encryption to ensure credit card data is secure. Gwyllem does not share any customer details with other parties. See my privacy policy.




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