Clare's story

Originally, I didn't set out to create a clothing label. I simply couldn't find a pair of board shorts that fit. One memorable shopping trip with my Mum as a vulnerable 14 year old, resulted in much angst and many tears. Apparently my bum and thighs were too big and waist too small. At the end of the day my Mum announced we were going to make our own. 


We never did make those board shorts, but she did show me how to make my first pair of pants. That was it. I was hooked. Being a teen in the late 90s, my style meant un-hemmed pants that needed safety pins to hold the waistband up, patchwork skirts cut from old sheets and tops with random bits of found objects lovingly sewn on to them.  


Needless to say, as I got older my taste refined and I decided to give this sewing thing a real go. My market stall soon followed and I began to see my clothing on every shape and size under the rainbow. So after a lot of tweaking here and adjusting there, Gwyllem designs became known for their seriously good fit. Fast forward 15 years and Gwyllem has become an online clothing brand with a large and dedicated following. 


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