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  • The Branch dress and Bracken Skivvy

    A 1960's inspired look you can style your own way.

  • Introducing the Snowdrop Dress

    In thick and soft merino wool to have you feeling warm and looking fabulous.

  • Winter Windowpane Tops

    Discover our best selling top.

Welcome :)

I'm Clare, passionate owner of Gwyllem. Here we:

Make ethically in Australia - for reals.

Design for curves. If you’ve got them, you’re in luck.

Keep things special by limiting quantities. Nothing mass-produced. You're sick of that, right? 

Sizes 8-20. 

Questions? Just ask :)

New Arrivals


Made in Australia

This is a core value at Gwyllem. Producing locally and in an ethical way is the foundation of how we do business.

Sure, we don't make as much profit as our offshore-manufacturing competitors, but its worth it to know we're making an ethical choice.

All garments are made in the hinterland of Byron Bay, NSW.


Certified Organic and Natural Fibres

Fabric is a big deal. Here at Gwyllem we feel a responsibility to make the best choice possible - for you and the planet.

Looking slick in natural fibres is the whole point of our label. 

There is no reason to use polyester, so we don't.

Instead, you'll find certified organic cotton, bamboo, linen and other breathable fibres. You will love to wear them. 

Small Scale

Gwyllem is a super small business. You can be sure your dollars are going directly towards a small handful of people's wages. 

We don't believe in perpetual commercial growth, just personal ;)

Producing ethically also means producing a sustainable number of products. Fewer garments produced means less waste and more care and thought into each one.