Size Guide

I know, we're all different! But if there is one thing Gwyllem does well, its fit. Thats the beauty of stretchy fabric.

What size do you typically wear? Generally speaking, thats your size. 

One question I get asked a lot is; ‘what's your sizing like?’ I call it true. However, sizing is generally shifting upwards these days. So if you wear labels that have roomier sizing, you might want to go up a size - remember, sizes are just numbers we made up. 

A note on size 18-24. If you normally shop plus brands, or brands that have generous sizing you might find that Gwyllem sizing is much smaller. This is because we have simply extended our range from the standard 8-18 range. I highly recommend checking your measurements against this chart if you typically wear sizes 18 and upwards. 

Also, consider how you'd like your garment to fit. Do you prefer a fitted look or more relaxed? Most of my styles are designed to be worn fitted. So if you prefer a more relaxed vibe, get the size up.

If you're unsure of what size to order, please contact me for advice. It's helpful to tell me the sizes of clothes you already own and your most common fit issues. 

  • Most Gwyllem dresses are fit and flare styles, so the main measurement you need to look at is your bust and waist.
  • Skirts and pants come with a stretch waistband, designed to accommodate size fluctuations. The main measurement here is low hip (or around your bum and the top of your thighs). 


Don't worry if your measurements don't fit perfectly into the one does.


Size 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 22 24
Bust 86 91 96 101 107 112 117 124 131
Waist 70 75 81 87 92 97 102 109 116
High hip (10cm below waist) 94 99 104 109 114 119 124 131 138
Low hip (20cm below waist) 98 103 108 113 118 123 128 135 142


Bust: To measure the fullest part of your bust, ensure the tape measure is even and horizontal across the back. Measure wearing a bra you would typically wear.

Waist: Measured at the smallest part of your torso.

High hip: Measured about 10cm below your waist, usually at the hip bones.

Low hip: Measured around the fullest part of your bum, about 20cm below the waist.

Tip: When measuring yourself, if possible do so in front of a mirror to ensure the tape measure is horizontal. Hold the tape measure close against you body but not too tight.