So, what’s this brand all about?


Here at Gwyllem we’re a small team committed to adding value to the world. We all know that the fast fashion industry is a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions and is often a culprit of treating its workers unfairly. But clothes are not only necessary but a way to express ourselves and feel good. So at Gwyllem we’re making the best choices possible to bring fashion to you that not only looks good, but does good. 


  • We manufacture our garments in Australia.

  • We buy our plain organic cotton knit from one of the few remaining fabric mills in Australia.

  • We choose natural fibres over synthetics.

  • We produce small runs so we don’t end up with an excess of styles that people don’t want.

  • We design thoughtfully and carefully, maximise wearability and usefulness.

  • We are small, so you can be assured of friendly, quality customer service.

  • We’re wholeheartedly committed to designing clothing that make you feel good about yourself. Because people who feel good about themselves are kinder to others and thats major.

  • We love fun! So we choose colour and bold print over neutrals. Dopamine dressing is a real thing. 


We’re here to answer any questions you may have. Don’t be shy to get in touch!